Here you will find technical tips and topics for WBCQ listeners and clients.

Propagation Models : Using software developed by the Institute of Telecommunication Sciences for the Voice of America, we present graphical propagation maps for all of WBCQ’s shortwave services. These maps present predicted daily signal coverage for January, 2017.

Universal Time : A description of Coordinated Universal Time as it relates to WBCQ’s schedule and programming.

Listening Tips : Some listening tips to improve your shortwave listening experience.

Shortwave Propagation : A brief tutorial on shortwave propagation.

Broadcast Schedule and Frequency Allocations : WBCQ’s shortwave frequency allocation is coordinated with the High Frequency Coordination Conference, a group active in informal co-ordination of frequency channels used in short wave broadcasting. Global shortwave schedules are posted in the public data area on their site.