WBCQ $500,000 fund drive

WBCQ needs to raise $500,000 to keep going to provide the worlds only truly free speech radio service. Our goals for the funding are:

  1. Repair, replace, and upgrade our transmitting equipment.
  2. Upgrade all our antenna systems for higher power.
  3. Upgrade studios and computer systems.
  4. Finish our backup generator system.
  5. Create a fund to pay for more free speech alternative programming.
  6. Providing airtime for persons who cannot afford to purchase airtime.
  7. Create a free radio news service for true, unbiased news for the world.
  8. Improve the website, streaming, and video services.

Much more needs to be done. Shortwave radio is the only true worldwide open voice with no infrastructure required.

Fees for airtime do not cover operation costs at present. We need your help through donations to progress further, survive into the future, and get more voices on the air.

Please contribute whatever you can.

Thank you and God bless,

Allan H. Weiner

26. August 2016 by cosmikdebris
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