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Welcome to WBCQ

WBCQ is a international shortwave broadcast station located in Monticello, Maine, USA. We broadcast on 7.490 MHz, 9.330 MHz, 15.420 MHz and 5.110 MHz. We have been bringing access to the airwaves for people like you since 1998.

We have time available on all four of our broadcast services open for your programming at the best rates in the industry. Contact us for more information.

17 February 2015 by cosmikdebris
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Mal Fuller passes

We’re sad to report the passing on March 9, 2015, of our good friend Mal Fuller. Mal was a longtime friend and WBCQ family member, and was a co-host on Allan Weiner Worldwide for many years. Mal was a caring friend and loving father, and he will be greatly missed.

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10 March 2015 by cosmikdebris
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Shock jock to return to the airwaves after being jailed for editorial

Monticello, Maine, February 20, 2015 — International Shortwave Radio Station WBCQ “The Planet” is pleased to announce the return to radio of shock jock Hal Turner. “The Hal Turner Show” will have its grand re-launch on Wednesday, October 7, 2015 at 9:00 PM EDT and will be heard throughout the United States as well as 70 other countries around the world on WBCQ at 7.490 MHz.

Turner, who previously aired his program on WBCQ, was arrested by the FBI on June 24, 2009 after publishing an editorial on his talk radio show web site. In the editorial, Turner criticized three United States Judges in Chicago for their ruling which upheld Chicago’s ban on handguns. Turner wrote that the three judges were “traitors to the Constitution” who “deserve to be killed.”

Former United States Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald of Chicago claimed that Turner’s statement was “a threat to assault and murder three United States Judges.” Turner argued that saying someone “deserves” something, is an opinion protected by the First Amendment.

Turner was put on trial in December 2009 in Brooklyn Federal Court. The first trial ended in a hung jury, with 9 out of the 12 jurors voting not guilty. The government tried Turner a second time in March 2010, and again, the jury was hung. At that point, financially wrecked by legal fees, Turner declared bankruptcy and was appointed a federal public defender.

The government put Turner on trial for an astonishing third time (a process usually reserved only for high ranking mafia bosses) and Turner was convicted on August 13, 2010. Sentenced to thirty-three months in prison and three years’ probation, Turner has served his sentence and will return to the airwaves on October 7. He is the only living American media personality in the United States ever put in prison for an editorial.

The show will be a listener call-in talk show format as it was before and will retain its slogan “Free Speech No Matter Who Doesn’t Like It.” The show will likely be simulcast live via Internet, but negotiations are still in progress as to what web site will carry the show. Other radio stations in New York City and elsewhere are also negotiating to broadcast Turner’s program. More details will be released as they become available.

For more information, contact:
Allan Weiner
WBCQ The Planet
274 Britton Road
Monticello, Maine 04760 USA
1 (207) 538-9180

20 February 2015 by cosmikdebris
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Schedule changes, January 2015

The Overcomer Ministry returns, Tuesday to Sunday 0200-0400 on 7490 effective January 6. BS’s return displaces Shortwave Saturday Night – The Other Pirate Joe Show, which moves from Sunday 0200-0500 to Saturday 2300 to Sunday 0200 on 7490. Pirate Pizza Night is on hiatus for the winter, but may appear at random times.

I added Murray the Machine (WHVW’s automation system) Monday and Friday 2000 to 2100. Pirate Joe’s excellent music show is live on Tuesdays through Thursdays, but WBCQ also runs the WHVW relay on Monday and Friday at the same time.

A new show, Camp Constitution Radio with Hal Shurtleff, Tuesday 0030 to 0100 on 7490, displaces Frecuencia Al Día, which moves to Tuesday 2200-2300 on 7490.

Amos and Andy returns, now Tuesday 2200 to 2230 on 7490.

The full schedule is at schedule.wbcq.com.

09 January 2015 by cosmikdebris
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New Year’s Eve special programming

We’ll be doing a live New Year’s Eve special tonight on WBCQ 5.110 MHz from 8 to midnight US eastern time (0100 to 0500 UTC January 1) and webcast on www.splatterbox.us:5110 Requests and listener reports always welcome at radio@zappahead.net.

31 December 2014 by cosmikdebris
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Christmas Eve special programming on WBCQ 5110 and 9330

We’ll be doing a live Christmas Eve special tonight on WBCQ 5.110 and 9.330 MHz from 8 to midnight US eastern time (0100 to 0500 UTC Dec 25) and webcast on www.splatterbox.us:5110/listen.pls. We’re taking your requests at radio@zappahead.net. Merry Christmas!

24 December 2014 by cosmikdebris
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Free Radio Special

Get on the air now!

For $20 an hour take command of our 50KW shortwave transmitter on 5110 Khz.

It’s easy to do:

Book time between 8:00pm and 12 midnight US eastern time Monday through Friday. We will do our best to give you that time. If your preferred time isn’t available we will book your program at the closest time slot that day or on another day.

Pay on line at wbcq.com using Paypal. Click on donate button, or send a check before the start of your show.

You can book time one time only, weekly, or block time weekly as available.

Send us your program in whatever format is most convenient for you. You can send us a pre-recorded show in MP3 format or we can relay your live webcast.

Call us at 1-207-538-9180 or email wbcq@wbcq.com for more info.

11 December 2014 by cosmikdebris
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Ed Bolton 1931-2014

With sadness we note the passing of Ed Bolton WA3PUN on November 30. Ed produced masterful re-creations of the Amos and Andy radio show for many years on WBCQ, providing all the voices himself. He was 83.

08 December 2014 by cosmikdebris
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World of Radio is back on WBCQ 7.490

Starting this week, Glenn Hauser’s World of Radio adds two airings on WBCQ 7.490 MHz in addition to Mondays at 0300 on Area 51. The new World of Radio schedule is:

  • Su 5110 11:00PM 11:30PM ET Mo 0300 0330 UTC
  • We 7490 05:00PM 05:30PM ET We 2100 2130 UTC
  • Th 7490 05:00PM 05:30PM ET We 2100 2130 UTC


21 May 2014 by cosmikdebris
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How to get into the radio business


15 May 2014 by cosmikdebris
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